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Raise a toast with Schmitten Chocolates on World Chocolate Day!

You are the treasure of childhood days.

You help raise smiles on gloomy faces!

You coax camaraderie out of sulked friends,

You are no less than memorable awards.

You are a delightful goody to every celebration,

You are a magical indulgence like no other!


Chocolate is a sweet indulgence for almost everyone but for us, it is far beyond. It is a flavour-filled luxury fiesta, a tasteful extravaganza, and a dedicated mission to spread delight across the world. Come Chocolate Day and we just keep swooning over the incredible chocolate fantasy of Schmitten. This very day is something we hope to be every day.

With such a special bond with chocolate, we were desirous to scale new heights in the confectionery segment. Having decided to bring about a whole new ‘Made-in-India’ luxury chocolate concept, we at Rajhans (Desai-Jain) Group set up an international-standard chocolate factory, ‘Schmitten’ within 2,00,000 sq. ft. of built-up area in the year 2014.

Such an enormous facility makes ‘Schmitten’ one of the third largest chocolate factories of Asia. With all the best in-class facilities, quality control unit and expert chocolate-makers, Schmitten imports the finest cocoa from Ghana whilst establishing excellent European technology with a range of machinery sourced from the UK, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland. The chocolates are manufactured in the most hygienic and safe conditions. Constant attention to all aspects of quality assurance right from procurement of the raw materials to operating the machines under professionally set process conditions ensures product consistency; all with an aim of satisfying the customers eternally.

The brand Schmitten and its sub-brand Hoppits are perfectly moulded into heavenly indulgence while wrapping the chocoholics in a taste of luxury like never before. International icon Priyanka Chopra (2014-2018) and the young promising actor Siddharth Malhotra (2015-2019) were the brand ambassadors of Schmitten Luxury Chocolates and Hoppits, respectively. Driven by visionary leaders and backed up by well-experienced team, Schmitten envisages going extra miles with sheer commitment to provide luxury chocolates. With the acute parameters such as innovation, brand recall, consistency, brand value, quality commitment and so on, Schmitten has bagged quite a many awards and appellations such as Asia’s Most Promising Brand 2013-14, ET Promising Brand Award 2015 2017 2018, CNBC Gujarat Ratna Award 2016, Food Mech Asia’s Leela Baa Award-2019 to name a few.

Schmitten’s Swiss taste with the choicest ingredients provides a complete international experience to all the senses. After all, chocolates that appease sensory faculties are rare and Schmitten is one such delicacy. So, every time you bite into Schmitten, you surely do a great favour to your senses.

Every Schmitten variant takes chocoholics to the rich, luscious land of luxury treats such as Creamy Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Roasted Nuts & Raisins, Milk Chocolate with Crunchy Rice Crispies, Intense Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Sprinkled with Raisins, Dark Chocolate with Almonds and a Twist of Orange, and Dark Chocolate with Rich Roasted Almonds.

For those who love the creamy texture, Schmitten uses the freshest milk solids. Californian Almonds are yet another wonders of wholesomeness along with some rich flavours of nutty textures. Raisins ensure succulence and a rich fruity feel. The impeccable blend of cocoa with rice grains provide a perfectly crunchy experience. And not to forget, a gorgeous twist of orange peel with dark chocolate is totally a spellbinding indulgence. All these carefully chosen flavours and ingredients make Schmitten a delightful trove of bliss wherein every chocoholic can linger their senses with sheer ecstasy.

For the goodness of taste, Hoppits have carved out a niche for itself in the category of bar chocolates. It’s different variants such as Rich Caramel with Golden Nougat, Roasted Almonds with White Nougat, Dark Chocolate with Granola and Nuts, and Dark Chocolate with Granola and Fruits have mesmerized the chocolate-lovers of all ages. N voila, the Hoppits bars are the first ever dark chocolate bars in India. Fresh nuts are roasted at the perfect temperature ensuring they do not lose out on their warm aroma. Oat flakes satiate the joy of a great snacking feast. Nougatine gives that smooth and succulent treat while caramel oozes out lusciously for a soft and rich savour. For fresh and tangy taste, carefully chosen cranberries make it all truly indulgent!

There is no dearth in saying that Schmitten Luxury Chocolates truly offer an exotically unmatched taste with a variety of flavours. Treat Schmitten as a mood enhancer or a mere sensory escapade, it is truly the finest chocolate fiesta to enliven your routine life. What’s more, gifting Schmitten on special days as well as touting it as a good omen on new beginnings is definitely a sweet idea as Schmitten offers exotic gifting packs, too.

On this World Chocolate Day, Schmitten is elated to serve your taste buds with an unprecedented taste. While we cannot indulge in festivities during this pandemic, we can make the most of this Chocolate Day by relishing Schmitten at our homes or at workplaces. And the good news is that Schmitten Chocolates’ range is now available on Swiggy & Amazon as well.

Since we don’t compromise on taste, there is the Schmitten. Safe, succulent, scrumptious and of course, sensorial.

More taste to New Normal with Schmitten!

Lockdown literally taught us many things. We have started taking hand-washing too seriously than ever before. We do not leave home without purpose, even with the Unlock we were reluctant to Unlock ourselves. We truly follow social distancing and we prefer to consume only hygienic food, don’t we?

The lockdown regime has also changed our eating habits! While we could not eat outside, there were chocolates that satiated our sweet tooth. When we were tired of cakes or smoothies, chocolates always turned out to be the on-the-go yet toothsome saviour. As we prefer safe and perfectly packed treats in this new normal episode, what’s better than tucking into luxury chocolates?

At Schmitten, we are always elated to offer outstanding chocolate delights. Both Schmitten chocolates and Hoppits bars are crafted with immense care in an international-standard chocolate factory. Thorough hygiene and safety precautions are taken care of at Schmitten so that chocoholics can revel in their favourite chocolates without any worry.

In a bid to fulfill the taste buds of chocolate-lovers whilst ensuring enough care, Schmitten luxury chocolates is excited to offer a rare chocolate fantasy coupled with absolute health benefits. From milk solids, nuts, fruits, raisins to rice crispies, Schmitten chocolate variants are the finest choices to make the most of the-new-normal with impeccable taste and health benefits. Both hunger and health go well with Hoppits. The range of Hoppits bars is rich in energy and not to mention their healthy fillings like oat flakes, milk, granola, cranberries, raisins, almonds, etc. Vitamins and protein-rich foods have become a daily dose for boosting immunity; these chocolate bars can surely play their part by becoming the new must-haves during the new normal life!

Where dark chocolates are good to reduce anxiety and driving away depression, Schmitten premium dark chocolate is a must-have treat. We must maintain a happy balance despite the risk of the pandemic revolving around. If at all, dark chocolate can add value to our mental health, why not just go for it in this need of the hour? It is a scrumptious idea to carry Schmitten chocolates in our bag whenever we step out in this new phase..

Add to more, both Schmitten and Hoppits range including the entire gifting range is now made available on Swiggy & Amazon so that one can relish their sweet tooth anytime, by staying home too.

Almost everyone is gradually unlocking new ways of life with hope and positiveness. Because life must go on but with total care and precautions provided the fact that the pandemic has not gone yet. Let us not give in. Let us bear in mind that we are not alone in this fight. The whole world is with us and is trying to overcome the prevailing situations.

Our strict adherence to social distancing, face masks, hygiene, healthy food practices, etc. should not be withdrawn, ever. Despite the daily challenges, one should be conscious enough to maintain good health. We must live as responsible citizens by fulfilling our duties to ourselves, our family, our nation, and to everyone who needs help.

After all, ‘the-new-normal’ is not just a mere phrase, it is rather a new phase of life that we are all going to embrace with total safety, precautionary measures and delightful treats! Because, the new normal life shouldn’t be tasteless, should it? Your best Hello to Unlock 2.0.