Cocoa- A Chocolate Tale!

What you think today, Papa! Did He listen to our prayers today? With weary eyes and dog-tired voice, he just sighed! She brought a half-eaten bread and nothing else on the table. Mr Philip prayed again before he took a morsel of that bread and expressed, “His Highness, God Cocoa will bring the smile and bless us with ever-awaited joy!”. This was a catastrophic time when people yearned for the good day!

As usual, Mr Philip had to talk to her granddaughter, ‘Cocoa’ before she goes to bed. To every story, Philip told, Cocoa used to smile and forget her hunger! In the end, she always replied that she was the special angel of God Cocoa and that’s why she was named Cocoa! To which Philip always grinned and tried to sleep with a desperate hope for happiness!

“It was a full moon. Lucky few were in sound slumber and the rest were unable to sleep because of hunger. Even that year was not good with farms left barren and scarce rain. As if the whole town was passing by a spell or curse. Suddenly, the silence was shattered by a heavy blow of wind. The horses neighed with fear, dogs started barking and the moonlight was gradually turned dark. It was a huge meteor that just crashed! The glasses of windows got covered with some sticky substance! The earth shivered but thankfully no damage, at all. Just some gluey substance was being spread all around with an enchanting aroma! The fragrance was totally enchanting. Everyone went outside their homes with trepidation to see what just happened.

Palpitating with fright, Philip and his daughter went out before seeing Cocoa asleep in her bed. Everybody gathered at that spot with that brown substance stuck on their body. Some feared as if it was cursed saliva of a devil. The crowd kept on increasing with a doubt looming over what was it! Nobody dared to go closer to a chasm caused by a meteor. It was Philip who started walking towards it in spite of people shouting at him to stop.

Suddenly, Philip cried out, ‘Cocoa’ near the chasm. He hurriedly went to bring her granddaughter from that place. People were flabbergasted to see how Cocoa went there. He just carried her away and saw to his surprise that Cocoa was eating that brown gluey substance. The crowd was aghast and so was Philip.

Cocoa expressed, “ It’s so sweet and fulfilling Grandpa. Try it.” Philip took a bite of it and tears ran down on his withered cheeks as he exclaimed, “God Cocoa has listened to our prayer! It is not just a meteor, but a CHOCOLATE METEOR.”

Everyone was surprised by the word, Chocolate. Philip’s granddaughter Cocoa yelled out with joy and started running an errand with the word Chocolate, Chocolate. And the other kids followed by! Everyone started eating it and felt so good. Their hunger satiated, at last.

The stream of chocolate kept flowing out, ever since then. The rivers, ponds, grass, farms and every empty place which were once barren was engulfed by chocolate.

People ate, drank and bathed in chocolate. Happiness revived.

That night Philip went to talk to Cocoa during her bedtime and she happily said, ‘Remember, Grandfather? I’m the favourite angel of God Cocoa!”.

He just kept mum and went on to sleep leaving a half-eaten bread covered with a stain of chocolate.

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