Schmitten Launches Pan-Coated Chocolate Delight, ‘Jupiter’!

The luxury chocolate brand, Schmitten, today extended its chocolate portfolio by launching a pan-coated chocolate range called ‘Jupiter’. Deriving its name from the planet Jupiter, Schmitten truly promises an out-of-the-world gastronomical experience. Reflecting the purest form of chocolate-making mastery, Jupiter’s spherical wonders are the must-have for chocoholics of all ages.

Panning is the process by which the centre ingredients are coated with chocolates. Jupiter’s overall coating is non-sticky giving that perfect experience without any hassle only to consume it with peace of mind.

Ms Priyanshi Nair, Marketing Head of Schmitten said, “We’re excited to launch a pan-coated range of Schmitten Chocolates. Such a mouthful of delight will surely make chocoholics fall for it. Just like other Schmitten products, these new little orbs will provide a sensorial chocolate experience.” Talking about the exotic essence of Jupiter’s coated chocolates, she added, “Having Jupiter is like gulping down heaps of happiness that comes in a variety of flavours. Keeping in mind various taste buds, Jupiter offers a whole new chocolate indulgence.”

Whilst there are various Schmitten products available, this new little addition is sure to woo chocolate lovers with altogether different tastes and feelings. The new pan-coated range comes in various flavours i.e Outstanding Orange, Heavenly Hazelnuts, Blissful Butterscotch, and Awesome Almonds. These sphere-shaped chocolates come in 100g, packed in fabulous mini jars that are priced between Rs.300-400.

Ms Mausam Desai, Director, Schmitten Chocolates added, “Our pan-coated chocolates are made with precision whilst considering international-standard quality and taste. Just like our other products, we promise to deliver total delight in each bite of Jupiter’s pan-coated chocolates. What’s more, these little chocolates make the best travel buddy for any trip.”

Pure cocoa, orange chunks, hazelnut pieces, butterscotch balls, broken almonds & other amazing ingredients go into making each orb of Jupiter. The tender chocolate coating provides such an indulgent haptic feeling so much so that it makes one have more of it.

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