Schmitten Marks Ninth Anniversary with the Launch of New Variant: Milk Chocolate with Cookie Crush

After joyously satisfying the cravings of chocolate lovers with an array of unique and exotic chocolate flavours, Schmitten is thrilled to celebrate its ninth anniversary with an enchanting revelation: the introduction of its ninth masterpiece, “Milk Chocolate with Cookie Crush.” Our voyage thus far has been a delicious odyssey, filled with unforgettable tastes and moments. This delightful new addition to the Schmitten lineup is poised to enchant the palates of both chocolate aficionados and cookie enthusiasts.

The Milk Chocolate with Cookie Crush is a celebration of an exquisite chocolate par excellence, blending the velvety smoothness of milk chocolate with the delightful crunch of crushed cookies. As Schmitten continues to set new standards in the world of fine chocolates, this latest addition promises to elevate your chocolate experience. Schmitten’s expert chocolatiers have meticulously crafted this irresistible treat to deliver a mouthwatering taste that will leave you craving for more.

Key features of this delectable delight include:

Perfect Blend: Schmitten’s Milk Chocolate with Cookie Crush strikes the perfect balance between the smooth richness of creamy milk chocolate and the satisfying crunchiness of finely crushed cookies.

Exceptional Quality: Similar to all Schmitten products, this new variant adheres to the brand’s uncompromising commitment to quality. It is made using the finest ingredients and crafted with precision to ensure a superior chocolate experience.

Versatile Pleasure: This chocolate boasts versatile appeal, with its incredible deliciousness promising to satisfy the taste buds of everyone who can fall in love with it in the very first bite.

Mausam Desai, Director of Schmitten Luxury Chocolate, expressed enthusiasm about the new product and the anniversary celebration, stating, “As we commemorate nine years of passion and dedication to the art of chocolate making, we are thrilled to introduce our Milk Chocolate with Cookie Crush. This is a testament to our commitment to crafting exceptional chocolate experiences and a token of our appreciation to our loyal customers who have supported us on this incredible journey.”

Schmitten’s Milk Chocolate with Cookie Crush is now available at select retailers, Schmitten’s outlets, and also on Amazon, Flipkart, Jio Mart and Swiggy. It’s time to treat your taste buds to the ultimate combination of silky chocolate and delightful cookie crunch.

This newly introduced variant will also join Schmitten’s prestigious gifting collection, ‘Luxury Gold,’ specially crafted to enhance the art of gifting. The addition of the Milk Chocolate with Cookie Crush variant brings an enhanced dimension of indulgence to this opulent gift package.

It is a careful blend of the classic appeal of milk chocolate with the timeless charm of cookies to create a truly indulgent treat that will satiate the taste buds of customers.

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