A Friend in Need is Chocolate Indeed!

Friendship deserves to be celebrated in every phase of life. It doesn’t need spotlights or towers of gold or diamonds. It can be just enough with a bite of chocolate or a get-together. It requires nothing but love, compassion and understanding thereby making our lives interestingly cheerful. Friends are the biggest supporters and the world’s best comforters. They’re the ones who scarcely judge a thing about us. Celebrating the invaluable bond of friendship through the years, this Friendship Day allows us to express the unsaid words. And for a day as special as friends, there must be a special treat for them!

But what about this Friendship Day? Of course, no one dares to compromise this very day of friends! If you’re wracking your brain to opt for a perfect gift for your dear friends, then choose no other than Schmitten Luxury Chocolates. As it is said by a celebrated author named Linda Grayson “There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend with chocolate.” The unmatched Schmitten chocolates come in a variety of flavours and different hampers. You can never go wrong with the trove of Schmitten chocolate. So, send Schmitten to your buddies to express your heartfelt love for them. It’s easy to order them on relations@schmitten.co

When friendship gives a sense of love and warmth, chocolates restore care and affection. The same way Schmitten Luxury Chocolates and Hoppits Bar Chocolates promise sensorial delight and goodness. Due to pandemic, when we haven’t been able to meet every friend, sending them a token of love with Schmitten chocolates is a great idea. And not just to the buddies but also to the new friends who helped us pass the hard days of the pandemic.

A friendship that goes in leaps and bounds with the undying essence of love can truly represent Schmitten chocolates’ unequalled flavours. Both Schmitten and Hoppits chocolates are made using pure, real ingredients such as Ghanaian cocoa, Californian almonds, raisins, nuts, orange peels, fruits, nougat and granola to name a few. They not only offer unequalled taste but also wholesomeness in each bite. For those friends who’re real, who’re health-conscious, gifting them with Schmitten’s range of chocolates is the best idea. Instead of being with millions of fake friends, it’s better to be one with the real ones! Likewise, real chocolate is a way better option.

For such a sweet occasion of Friendship Day, giving a delicious gift is undoubtedly the best thing. When nobody knows your friends better than yourself, it’s time to make them feel loved with various flavours of Schmitten chocolates. With a variety of flavours to choose from, you can opt for the one which goes with your friends. From the colours they love to the ingredients they drool over on, choose Schmitten chocolates to make their day, memorably delightful.

For more information about Schmitten chocolates, visit our website www.schmitten.co

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” — Carl W. Buechner

Tuck into Dark Chocolate For More Than Just Taste

If I had genie; I’d not ask for gold. Neither will I seek castle.

One eternal wish will only suffice.

Only chocolates, chocolates, everywhere!

Yet! We were always told not to scoff down more sweets, including chocolate. Thanks to dark chocolate, which comes loaded with health-friendly properties, now be assured of eating dark chocolate without any intervention. Yes! There is a clear link between dark chocolate and health. A number of studies on how dark chocolates add up to good health have truly delighted chocolate lovers.

Eating dark chocolates regularly can make your heart healthy. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which are generally plant chemicals that work as antioxidants and trigger good heart health and weight loss. Dark chocolate is good for maintaining blood pressure levels. It also works best to reduce dark spots on the skin by improving collagen content while restoring skin moisture. What’s more, dark chocolate is stress-busting as it works as a mood-enhancer due to the bromine compound found in it. It is no doubt, a delightfully more satisfying food than others. Some studies also suggest that dark chocolates are good for insulin resistance and may boost brain functions.

In a research conducted at San Diego State University, 31 respondents were asked to opt for a 50g bar of white chocolate or regular dark chocolate. They were asked to eat their chosen chocolate for 15 days. The research study showed that those who ate dark chocolates had lower blood glucose than those who had white chocolates.

Another study published in The Guardian by Nature Neuroscience analyzed the effects of low-cocoa vs high-cocoa in drinks of 37 respondents. The results showed that those who had high cocoa content scored far better in cognitive test and showed more activity in their brain area as revealed by brain MRI. Thus, more percentage of cocoa is always better.

So, it is always favourable to have as little as a square of dark chocolate for good health.

While there are several dark chocolates available in the market, Schmitten has an exclusive trove of dark chocolates which is a must-have for chocoholics.

Schmitten Luxury Chocolates

Intense Dark Chocolate

With 44% premium cocoa from Ghana, this Intense Dark Chocolate is one of the most loved dark variants of Schmitten. A delectable sensorial experience in every bite is intensely felt. There is no dearth adding that this one is such a dark delight that will draw you back for more to relish. When dark chocolate is good for the heart, this intensely dark chocolate should be a delectable way of a happy heart.

Dark Chocolate Sprinkled with Raisins

A perfect touch of luscious raisins drenched in dark chocolate is a new treat both for the taste and good health. Surprisingly, it is a bittersweet wonder of its own kind! An excellent source of fibre; raisins are cholesterol-free and helps reduce the risk of gout and arthritis. Just have a mouthful of raisins blended with our dark chocolate and oh! What a wonderful treat!

Dark Chocolate with Almonds and a Twist of Orange

Call it the most unique flavour in the category of dark chocolate or simply an irresistible indulgence from Schmitten! The zest of orange, its tang and the wholesomeness of rich almonds, when tuned into dark chocolate, oozes extremely unique delight. Apart from its gorgeous taste, orange and almonds combine nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, zinc and Vitamin K. So, this variant is uniquely rich to try for!

Dark Chocolate with Rich Roasted Almonds

Exclusively for almond aficionados and health-conscious peeps, this very variant of dark chocolate with specially-select almonds, will make anyone fall for it in every bite. Crafted into a wonderful amalgamation, this chocolate exudes a warm aroma with richness. So, all the health benefits of almonds and dark chocolate come in handy in this pack.

Hoppits Chocolate Bars

Hoppits bars are synonymous with a taste of undiscovered delight. To make sure our Hoppits collection offers a real treat, each bar is made using natural ingredients with secret craftsmanship of European standard and of course, incredible passion from start to finish. Keeping in mind the unprecedented benefits of dark chocolate, Hoppits is the only brand in the country which has a unique blend of dark chocolate and granola.

Dark Chocolate with Granola and Nuts

Granola delivers great snacking delight plus much-needed nutrients. From rice crispies to oat flakes, granola is good to fill healthy elements in the body. And richly roasted almonds add another goodie surprise. All hail to pure dark chocolate with these ingredients and it becomes Hoppits. Rather a healthy Hoppits.

Dark Chocolate with Granola and Fruits

An exotic blend of granola, cranberries, raisins, and pure dark chocolate! What else would one want? Fully loaded with vitamins and minerals, this very Hoppits is not only for chocolate-lover but also for health-conscious people to tuck into something extraordinary!

When there is dark chocolate, just think no more and revel in its purest aroma. It is not only about pleasure but also for good health as it is linked with some aphrodisiac elements. Dark chocolate, hence offers excellent health benefits, in more than many ways.

Relax and relish dark chocolate because it is bliss.

Break the Stereotypes with Schmitten on this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an exciting time of the year. Like other high-priority festivals, this day, too is given utmost care and attention. Given that this very day of love was a brainchild of the sentimental Victorian era rooted through the sacrifice of saints and immense love for God, it has seen a total deviation from the devotion to romantic love. True to its nature, love is the most essential ingredient of a happy and contented life, and why would one consider it the only day of expressing love?

Whenever and wherever there is love, happiness exist. It makes life colourful and gives a new meaning to life. With Valentine’s Day, love goes in the air while making this very day the most favourite for proposing marriage, getting engaged and giving surprises, etc.

In this Valentine’s season, people actually plan for a whole week. Sadly, this so-called plan is planned as it’s always been planned! The same old red rose story, tiresome fluffy teddy on the loose, same-old proposal slogans being echoed around. Hugging gets mandatory on a hug day and kissing becomes as imperative as it’s always been. Gifting the same old chocolates on a chocolate day and those unrequited promises on a promise day. Lastly, come Valentine’s day and people start yelling out the ‘I Love You’ phrase, over and again; as if chanting a love mantra for a whole happy year in a relationship.

Besides those love pundits’ cliche saga such as ‘go and propose before somebody else does’, ‘bring her a huge teddy,’ ‘weigh down her emotions with a stylish rose’, should be a thing of the past.  Amid all these lovey-dovey dossiers, Schmitten Luxury Chocolate just gave it a deep thought. Does Valentine’s Day has to woo following all these rose and cuddle mandates? Of course, everything is fair in love and war but being real, truthful, committed, devoted and compassionate is what makes one love for one’s pride!

With a view to breaking all these staggering stereotypes and mushy must-dos, Schmitten Luxury Chocolates voices its #BreakTheStereotype epic. When brands are coming up with over-sentimental doses on Valentine’s season, Schmitten Luxury Chocolates brings out really convincing commandments, which are de facto signifying the purity of love.

Schmitten plays smartly on each day of Valentine. It focuses upon being the real ‘you’, advocates inner feelings and encourages to have a big heart rather than succumbing to those must-haves and must-dos on Valentine’s Day. Touching upon the soul of love, Schmitten proclaims to remain truthful and very real in a matter of love whilst going beyond the conventional to-dos of Valentine’s Day; all in a good faith for love.

Henceforth, on this Valentine’s Day, just quash the beliefs that have been prevalent so far and be unconditional in love not just for this day but for ever and ever. It’s time to break all those stereotypes and celebrate every day by being real, loving truthfully, and celebrating with nothing but real love; for love’s sake!

“if this be error, and upon Schmitten proved,

  Schmitten never writ, nor no one ever relished pure love,”

(Lastly, for singletons Schmitten encourages them to adopt an unconditional love on 15th Feb as it is a National Pet Adoption Day. Love is universal and does come in many forms!)

Cocoa- A Chocolate Tale!

What you think today, Papa! Did He listen to our prayers today? With weary eyes and dog-tired voice, he just sighed! She brought a half-eaten bread and nothing else on the table. Mr Philip prayed again before he took a morsel of that bread and expressed, “His Highness, God Cocoa will bring the smile and bless us with ever-awaited joy!”. This was a catastrophic time when people yearned for the good day!

As usual, Mr Philip had to talk to her granddaughter, ‘Cocoa’ before she goes to bed. To every story, Philip told, Cocoa used to smile and forget her hunger! In the end, she always replied that she was the special angel of God Cocoa and that’s why she was named Cocoa! To which Philip always grinned and tried to sleep with a desperate hope for happiness!

“It was a full moon. Lucky few were in sound slumber and the rest were unable to sleep because of hunger. Even that year was not good with farms left barren and scarce rain. As if the whole town was passing by a spell or curse. Suddenly, the silence was shattered by a heavy blow of wind. The horses neighed with fear, dogs started barking and the moonlight was gradually turned dark. It was a huge meteor that just crashed! The glasses of windows got covered with some sticky substance! The earth shivered but thankfully no damage, at all. Just some gluey substance was being spread all around with an enchanting aroma! The fragrance was totally enchanting. Everyone went outside their homes with trepidation to see what just happened.

Palpitating with fright, Philip and his daughter went out before seeing Cocoa asleep in her bed. Everybody gathered at that spot with that brown substance stuck on their body. Some feared as if it was cursed saliva of a devil. The crowd kept on increasing with a doubt looming over what was it! Nobody dared to go closer to a chasm caused by a meteor. It was Philip who started walking towards it in spite of people shouting at him to stop.

Suddenly, Philip cried out, ‘Cocoa’ near the chasm. He hurriedly went to bring her granddaughter from that place. People were flabbergasted to see how Cocoa went there. He just carried her away and saw to his surprise that Cocoa was eating that brown gluey substance. The crowd was aghast and so was Philip.

Cocoa expressed, “ It’s so sweet and fulfilling Grandpa. Try it.” Philip took a bite of it and tears ran down on his withered cheeks as he exclaimed, “God Cocoa has listened to our prayer! It is not just a meteor, but a CHOCOLATE METEOR.”

Everyone was surprised by the word, Chocolate. Philip’s granddaughter Cocoa yelled out with joy and started running an errand with the word Chocolate, Chocolate. And the other kids followed by! Everyone started eating it and felt so good. Their hunger satiated, at last.

The stream of chocolate kept flowing out, ever since then. The rivers, ponds, grass, farms and every empty place which were once barren was engulfed by chocolate.

People ate, drank and bathed in chocolate. Happiness revived.

That night Philip went to talk to Cocoa during her bedtime and she happily said, ‘Remember, Grandfather? I’m the favourite angel of God Cocoa!”.

He just kept mum and went on to sleep leaving a half-eaten bread covered with a stain of chocolate.


The pleasure of giving gifts is immeasurable. From old school days till now, the forms of gifts have been transformed but the excitement regarding gifts remains the same. A crying kid, an angry girlfriend, a birthday boy or a star performer, everybody yearns for a gift. It is the solution to broken relationships. And certainly, it is a sheer expression of love, care and gratitude!

When it comes to gifts, these days smartwatches, personalised mugs, gift cards and sneakers among others make it to the list. However, as we know that chocolates still rule the roots. Since centuries, chocolates have been opted as the finest gifts. One can’t just resist gorging on whenever they see chocolates. Chocolate is a delightful way to make occasions more memorable.

One such chocolate par excellence is Schmitten Luxury Chocolate! Crafted to perfection with pure ingredients, Schmitten Luxury Chocolates are pure sensory delights that come in a variety of flavours i.e., Creamy Milk, Roasted Nuts & Raisins, Crunchy Rice Crispies, Almonds & Orange Twists laden with pure Dark Chocolate.

What’s more, it’s bar chocolate category, ‘Hoppits’ is loaded with flavourful extravaganza. Hearty, health-boosting and yummy, Hoppits bars are loaded with Granola, Caramel, Fruits, Oat Flakes, Nuts, Raisins, and Nougat drenched in a deluge of Dark Chocolate as well as Milk Chocolate.

After all, who doesn’t love to be gifted with an assortment of luxury chocolates like Schmitten? Now that we are nearing that time of the year when we are surrounded with celebrations and festivities, gifting is one such thing we must be planning whilst ensuring enough safety and precautions in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. When public gatherings are slashed to limited numbers and social distancing has become the new normal, the spirit of gifting during the imminent festivities must not shrink.

To your surprise, Schmitten Luxury Chocolate’s gift collection is a win-win hamper. It includes a variety of unusual gifting trove such as ‘Luxury Gifting Collection,’ ‘Moments Collection’ and ‘Home Packs Collection’ with a range of specially-select chocolates. We at Schmitten understand the value of occasions and that’s why we offer customised gift packaging wherein one can have a name, logo or a special message to be delivered with ultimate delights.

In such hard times when safety measures are essentials, it is better to send gift-packed Schmitten ranges rather than handmade sweets or so. The tradition of sweets can be quite prone to infection chances due to their high-touch surfaces. This is the reason, one should do away with sweets and prefer a packed source of Schmitten Luxury Chocolates. Schmitten ensures proper safety and hygiene standards in making each and every chocolate; in fully-automated International-standard factory under the supervision of expert chocolate-makers. All you need to do is just have your favourite chocolates couriered by a trusted partner who too, ensures properly sanitized practices.

When one can’t meet friends or beloved during this pandemic-hit circumstances, sending a token of love and care in the form of Schmitten Gift Collection will surely shorten the distance by spreading memories during the upcoming festivities.

Recently, we opened a chocolate store at Varachha Road, Surat after the success of our first city exclusive store at Rajhans Ornate Mall, Parle Point, Surat.

Furthermore, we are on a journey to transform its chocolate destinations all to the sweet surprise of adventurers, travellers and passengers, etc. With our highway-outlet concept, we have already achieved a big success under our belt with 10,000 sq. ft. of Exclusive Chocolate Outlet at Schmitten Factory, near Mahuvej in Kosamba. In line with this highway retreat, there are more outlets available at choicest hot-spots on various highways such as Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Surat- Ahmedabad Highway, Vadodara-Ahmedabad Highway, Ahmedabad-Rajkot Highway, Bangalore-Tirupati Highway, Pune-Nasik Highway, Surat-Mumbai Highway, Pune-Mumbai Highway, and Bangalore-Chennai Highway.

Many more outlets on various highways are also under progress intending to provide succulent chocolate experience during journeys.

When we prefer to stay indoors during upcoming festivities, the spirits of the same shouldn’t be put at stake as Schmitten Luxury Chocolates are a click away by also being available on Amazon and Swiggy for more convenience.

Be ready to welcome festivities with Schmitten Luxury Chocolates collection! Because Schmitten is love, luxury and health.

Gift more than just sweets; give Moments, that last forever.

Good Chocolate. Good Life.

It is rightly said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Chocolates fill your life with complete joy and if the chocolate is good, life becomes more wonderful and full of love. It melts in your mouth and not only leaves an unforgettable taste, but brings along many health benefits.

A good chocolate is for every season and all happy reasons. It uplifts your mood even if you are not feeling good. Once you start biting it, you fall in love with it forever. That’s the quality of a good chocolate. It not only gives you pleasure, but rejuvenates you from within. It comes with the smoothness that calms you and the darkness that energies you. When you lose yourself in a chocolate that is good, you burst with the feeling of adrenaline and pure pleasure. There is nothing a good chocolate can’t do. Making your life happy and healthy, good chocolate comes with high cocoa contents, which is quite nutritious. And if you are a dark chocolate lover, you can enjoy the richness of fiber, iron, magnesium, copper and some other minerals that fill your life with goodness.

It might surprise you, but it’s true that the consumption of a good chocolate can also help you maintain your blood pressure and improves your brain function. It works as a soothing therapy for your sore throat, sharpen your memory and protect your brain from aging too. It doesn’t matter what your age is, good chocolate always does wonders to you. In fact, it comes with the benefits of flavonoids that improve flow in the skin, thus protecting it from the sun. Savouring a good chocolate can lead you to a good, healthy and happy life.

Be it a tough day at work, or a stressful time at home; be it a tiring journey or just a lazy day with friends, delicious chocolate always gives you a reason to stay happy. In fact, it gives you a reason to celebrate. And, an occasion like International Chocolate Day is simply incomplete without it. It’s a day when you can reap all the benefits of a good chocolate and make your life even better. You can share it with your loved ones and indeed, it is the best gift ever.

So this International Chocolate Day, get indulged in the benefits of a good chocolate that you can find in the luxurious Schmitten. It’s a chocolate that surrounds you with the aroma of magic and when it is shared with your loved ones, the joy only doubles. Thus, make your life happy and good by savouring the chocolate that is truly good.

You can find out more about us, by visiting: www.schmitten.co to experience an enriching and fulfilling chocolate journey!

Raise a toast with Schmitten Chocolates on World Chocolate Day!

You are the treasure of childhood days.

You help raise smiles on gloomy faces!

You coax camaraderie out of sulked friends,

You are no less than memorable awards.

You are a delightful goody to every celebration,

You are a magical indulgence like no other!


Chocolate is a sweet indulgence for almost everyone but for us, it is far beyond. It is a flavour-filled luxury fiesta, a tasteful extravaganza, and a dedicated mission to spread delight across the world. Come Chocolate Day and we just keep swooning over the incredible chocolate fantasy of Schmitten. This very day is something we hope to be every day.

With such a special bond with chocolate, we were desirous to scale new heights in the confectionery segment. Having decided to bring about a whole new ‘Made-in-India’ luxury chocolate concept, we at Rajhans (Desai-Jain) Group set up an international-standard chocolate factory, ‘Schmitten’ within 2,00,000 sq. ft. of built-up area in the year 2014.

Such an enormous facility makes ‘Schmitten’ one of the third largest chocolate factories of Asia. With all the best in-class facilities, quality control unit and expert chocolate-makers, Schmitten imports the finest cocoa from Ghana whilst establishing excellent European technology with a range of machinery sourced from the UK, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland. The chocolates are manufactured in the most hygienic and safe conditions. Constant attention to all aspects of quality assurance right from procurement of the raw materials to operating the machines under professionally set process conditions ensures product consistency; all with an aim of satisfying the customers eternally.

The brand Schmitten and its sub-brand Hoppits are perfectly moulded into heavenly indulgence while wrapping the chocoholics in a taste of luxury like never before. International icon Priyanka Chopra (2014-2018) and the young promising actor Siddharth Malhotra (2015-2019) were the brand ambassadors of Schmitten Luxury Chocolates and Hoppits, respectively. Driven by visionary leaders and backed up by well-experienced team, Schmitten envisages going extra miles with sheer commitment to provide luxury chocolates. With the acute parameters such as innovation, brand recall, consistency, brand value, quality commitment and so on, Schmitten has bagged quite a many awards and appellations such as Asia’s Most Promising Brand 2013-14, ET Promising Brand Award 2015 2017 2018, CNBC Gujarat Ratna Award 2016, Food Mech Asia’s Leela Baa Award-2019 to name a few.

Schmitten’s Swiss taste with the choicest ingredients provides a complete international experience to all the senses. After all, chocolates that appease sensory faculties are rare and Schmitten is one such delicacy. So, every time you bite into Schmitten, you surely do a great favour to your senses.

Every Schmitten variant takes chocoholics to the rich, luscious land of luxury treats such as Creamy Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Roasted Nuts & Raisins, Milk Chocolate with Crunchy Rice Crispies, Intense Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Sprinkled with Raisins, Dark Chocolate with Almonds and a Twist of Orange, and Dark Chocolate with Rich Roasted Almonds.

For those who love the creamy texture, Schmitten uses the freshest milk solids. Californian Almonds are yet another wonders of wholesomeness along with some rich flavours of nutty textures. Raisins ensure succulence and a rich fruity feel. The impeccable blend of cocoa with rice grains provide a perfectly crunchy experience. And not to forget, a gorgeous twist of orange peel with dark chocolate is totally a spellbinding indulgence. All these carefully chosen flavours and ingredients make Schmitten a delightful trove of bliss wherein every chocoholic can linger their senses with sheer ecstasy.

For the goodness of taste, Hoppits have carved out a niche for itself in the category of bar chocolates. It’s different variants such as Rich Caramel with Golden Nougat, Roasted Almonds with White Nougat, Dark Chocolate with Granola and Nuts, and Dark Chocolate with Granola and Fruits have mesmerized the chocolate-lovers of all ages. N voila, the Hoppits bars are the first ever dark chocolate bars in India. Fresh nuts are roasted at the perfect temperature ensuring they do not lose out on their warm aroma. Oat flakes satiate the joy of a great snacking feast. Nougatine gives that smooth and succulent treat while caramel oozes out lusciously for a soft and rich savour. For fresh and tangy taste, carefully chosen cranberries make it all truly indulgent!

There is no dearth in saying that Schmitten Luxury Chocolates truly offer an exotically unmatched taste with a variety of flavours. Treat Schmitten as a mood enhancer or a mere sensory escapade, it is truly the finest chocolate fiesta to enliven your routine life. What’s more, gifting Schmitten on special days as well as touting it as a good omen on new beginnings is definitely a sweet idea as Schmitten offers exotic gifting packs, too.

On this World Chocolate Day, Schmitten is elated to serve your taste buds with an unprecedented taste. While we cannot indulge in festivities during this pandemic, we can make the most of this Chocolate Day by relishing Schmitten at our homes or at workplaces. And the good news is that Schmitten Chocolates’ range is now available on Swiggy & Amazon as well.

Since we don’t compromise on taste, there is the Schmitten. Safe, succulent, scrumptious and of course, sensorial.

More taste to New Normal with Schmitten!

Lockdown literally taught us many things. We have started taking hand-washing too seriously than ever before. We do not leave home without purpose, even with the Unlock we were reluctant to Unlock ourselves. We truly follow social distancing and we prefer to consume only hygienic food, don’t we?

The lockdown regime has also changed our eating habits! While we could not eat outside, there were chocolates that satiated our sweet tooth. When we were tired of cakes or smoothies, chocolates always turned out to be the on-the-go yet toothsome saviour. As we prefer safe and perfectly packed treats in this new normal episode, what’s better than tucking into luxury chocolates?

At Schmitten, we are always elated to offer outstanding chocolate delights. Both Schmitten chocolates and Hoppits bars are crafted with immense care in an international-standard chocolate factory. Thorough hygiene and safety precautions are taken care of at Schmitten so that chocoholics can revel in their favourite chocolates without any worry.

In a bid to fulfill the taste buds of chocolate-lovers whilst ensuring enough care, Schmitten luxury chocolates is excited to offer a rare chocolate fantasy coupled with absolute health benefits. From milk solids, nuts, fruits, raisins to rice crispies, Schmitten chocolate variants are the finest choices to make the most of the-new-normal with impeccable taste and health benefits. Both hunger and health go well with Hoppits. The range of Hoppits bars is rich in energy and not to mention their healthy fillings like oat flakes, milk, granola, cranberries, raisins, almonds, etc. Vitamins and protein-rich foods have become a daily dose for boosting immunity; these chocolate bars can surely play their part by becoming the new must-haves during the new normal life!

Where dark chocolates are good to reduce anxiety and driving away depression, Schmitten premium dark chocolate is a must-have treat. We must maintain a happy balance despite the risk of the pandemic revolving around. If at all, dark chocolate can add value to our mental health, why not just go for it in this need of the hour? It is a scrumptious idea to carry Schmitten chocolates in our bag whenever we step out in this new phase..

Add to more, both Schmitten and Hoppits range including the entire gifting range is now made available on Swiggy & Amazon so that one can relish their sweet tooth anytime, by staying home too.

Almost everyone is gradually unlocking new ways of life with hope and positiveness. Because life must go on but with total care and precautions provided the fact that the pandemic has not gone yet. Let us not give in. Let us bear in mind that we are not alone in this fight. The whole world is with us and is trying to overcome the prevailing situations.

Our strict adherence to social distancing, face masks, hygiene, healthy food practices, etc. should not be withdrawn, ever. Despite the daily challenges, one should be conscious enough to maintain good health. We must live as responsible citizens by fulfilling our duties to ourselves, our family, our nation, and to everyone who needs help.

After all, ‘the-new-normal’ is not just a mere phrase, it is rather a new phase of life that we are all going to embrace with total safety, precautionary measures and delightful treats! Because, the new normal life shouldn’t be tasteless, should it? Your best Hello to Unlock 2.0.

An Unfinished Love Affair Between Woman and Chocolate!

Only a woman can tell you how indulging in chocolate makes a difference! How mere chocolate can keep them in a good mood and how it can make them contented. There is no dearth in saying that chocolates are one of the finest possessions women tend to have. When alone, they gobble up chocolates, when distressed, they polish off entire bar, when having a ball, they just can’t do without chocolates and of course, when nothing comes fair in love and war, they have the one backup plan, perhaps the repeated one; which is to devour chocolates in any form and whoop it up to their salad days, over and again!

But why chocolates and women? Well, according to Anthony Auger, a professor of psychology at UW-Madison, chocolate affects women differently than men and the former have a stronger craving for this food of God. The brain of women and men were scanned using MRI wherein it was found that chocolate influenced the activity of the amygdala, a part of the brain which is responsible for affecting emotions and sexual desire was seen more in women than men. Moreover, tucking into chocolate helps the body generate serotonin- a happiness hormone that regulates the mood whilst warding off depression. Alongside this, chocolate also boosts the body to generate a hormone called dopamine that helps people feel mentally alert and lack of it might cause bad moods.

Now there is a mood thing, which plays a crucial role in any woman’s life. So who is the bigger arch-enemy of their mood than menstrual cycle? Their hormonal level keeps on changing every so often during periods and as a result of that, mood changes occur. Now, the more the mood changes, the more she yearns something to regulate her mood and there comes chocolate into play. And simply, having one soothes their state of uneasiness.

No doubt, chocolate has to do with the feelings of wellbeing. It tastes so rich that it could be, sometimes more pleasurable than watching a favourite movie, listening to a cherished song or falling in love. It’s delectably hormone-friendly and comfort food with good sources of antioxidants and quite a many health benefits for heart, skin and brain functions.

However, chocolate knows no gender, but predominantly women have that special affinity with it. The way they eat it, the way they adore it and the way they have uplifted the existence of chocolates across the globe is impeccably incredible in a class of its own. Because an image of chocolate without a woman in it obviously looks saccharine but not sensible!

There is, therefore, Schmitten Luxury Chocolates! Crafted with immense care and love, Schmitten chocolates are just the right choice for celebrating Women’s Day. When a man gives Schmitten to his beloved, he just doesn’t give a piece of chocolate as it rightly makes her happy, it boosts her mood and makes her believe how special she is! Because, celebrating such a special day needs special treat.

On this Women’s Day, just say nothing and let Schmitten do it all for you, all for her! Surrender your love with Schmitten.

Chocolate & Valentine’s Day Have Mated For Life. That’s True!

Come Valentine’s Day, and there you see love in the air. The heart-shaped red balloons, a typical symbol of an imminent day of love rules the roost. There seems the red in the air, all around; be in the form of attires or accessories. Such a sky-rocketing excitement for this day has well been observed in the recent past than before.

Thanks to the Fifty Shades of Grey flicks that have rightly carved out a niche for itself in being the romantic love saga for the lovebirds. They did a lot of love things. And it was such a good relief from the all-time hit but hammering love-story of Jack and Rose. But of course, no one can beat when Jack kisses Rose on the prow of the ship under the full moon.

Wait a second, from Romeo and Juliet to these above-mentioned romantic movies, have we ever witnessed any chocolate indulgences? Well, the answer is either big no or maybe a little bit of it! They show only wine, and wine and champagne! Shouldn’t have Shakespeare used his love verses for the glory of chocolates?

During Valentine’s Day, chocolates have become a standard Valentine’s Day gift, right up there with balloons, jewelry and flowers, but this exotic treat didn’t just conceive its romantic reputation overnight. It did take centuries of traditions and myths to associate chocolate with love and Valentine’s Day.

The very first people to connect chocolate and love were the Mayans. They began brewing drinks made from cocoa beans around 500 BCE- before the maiden feat of St. Valentine. In Mayan nuptial rituals, hot chocolate was an important part. The then groom and bride would exchange swig of hot chocolate during the ceremony. Another recorded historical event, according to the New York Times is that the infamous ruler of Montezuma was rumored to have binged on so-called-chocolates made from cocoa beans in order to fuel his romantic rendezvous. All such events gradually augured the status of chocolate as a universal symbol of love.

This food of God has something very special that it’s always been so special! There is an impeccable magnetism to chocolate that is in essence naturally romantic. Such a scrumptious substance melts in mouth whilst bursting flavours thereby giving heavenly experience. This is probably the finest reason to indulge in chocolates and in a matter of love, it readily takes the second spot, just after red roses.

Apart from emotional connection, chocolates are too good for the body as well. According to Forbes, chocolate has been proven to be nutrient-rich, it is good for the heart and improves cognitive functions while relieving stress.

There is no dearth in saying that it is simply an edible declaration of love that makes the recipients of chocolate feel happily gratifying and not to mention, so special. As you know the few things go perfectly well together, and chocolate and Valentine’s Day, are among them! Beyond a shadow of a doubt, sharing chocolate has become a bandwagon to commemorate the day of love.

This Valentine’s Day, forget not to vamp up your love spirits. Forget gold or diamond, just a couple of heart-shaped balloons and a box full of Schmitten!

Because when she nibbles her way through a delicious box of Schmitten chocolates, the rest is assured! Let love bloom with sweetness in every corner because 14th Feb. is not just an ordinary day, isn’t it?