Around the World of Chocolate Festivals

Tuck into a chunk of chocolate and there you feel the luckiest one on earth. Yes! It’s certainly an irresistible treat which wows your senses while making you want more. Even when you smell it, you definitely feel good.  Undoubtedly, chocolate is the most enchanting treat to cheer our taste buds.

The obsession of chocolate is so high that in many parts of world, the ‘Chocolate Festival’ is remarkably celebrated just to revel in the taste and sensation of this magnificent Food of Gods. So, here we go! Let’s take a look at some of the spectacular chocolate festivals from around the globe.

  • The Chocolate Festival, UK

This chocolate festival takes place in London twice-a-year. Chocolate connoisseurs can sample a wide range of chocolate extravaganza at dozens of stalls.

When: December4-6
Where: London

  •  Festival of Chocolate

This grand chocolate festival is held in the southeast regions of the US that includes Orlando, Miami and Tampa. Visitors can enjoy samples from different confectionery companies in these areas followed by workshop and chocolate game shows.

When: January 16-18
Where: Tampa, US

  • Salon du Chocolat

If you think Paris is only good for fashion and arts, then you are wrong. The fashionistas here have got great sweet tooth as well.  Salon du Chocolat offers an extensive selection of events including a first of its kind chocolate fashion show.  Fashion designers and chocolatiers team up to create exceptional couture pieces for a fashion show.

This festival is organized in 15 cities around the globe, from Tokyo to London, including as many as four cities in France.

When: October 28 – November 1
Where: Paris, France

  • chocolART

chocolART is Germany’s biggest chocolate festival which welcomes international chocolatiers from Africa, South and North America and Europe. It also offers an array of chocolate-themed activities to visitors including chocolate workshops and chocolate art.

When: December 1-6
Where: Tübingen, Germany

  • Eurochocolate

It is the biggest chocolate festival in Europe which attracts around 9,00,000 visitors each year. Eurochocolate celebrates international and Italian chocolate traditions wherein visitors can make the most of chocolate tastings and adore chocolate sculptures amid the thrill of live music.

Where: Umbria, Italy
When: October 16-25

  • Chocolate Fest

The Chocolate Fest is held in St. Stephen which is popular as “Canada’s Chocolate Town”. Chocolate lovers can relish in chocolate-themed dinners and lunches. Visitors are open to participate in chocolate workshops, activities and competitions.

When: TBC
Where: New Brunswick, Canada

  • Salón Chocolate

It’s a great event for chocolate aficionados in Mexico where visitors flock in huge numbers to explore the world of chocolate. This year’s event is over which was held in September.

When: TBC
Where: Mexico City, Mexico

  • World Chocolate Masters Final

The World Chocolate Masters competition is certainly a unique contest which is exclusively devoted to the creative use of chocolates. This year’s theme for the contest is ‘Inspiration from Nature’. All the top winners from around 19 countries will partake here in final in Paris and the champion will be crowned the title of World Chocolate Master international.

When: October 28 to 30
Where: Paris, France

  • Chicago Fine Chocolate Show

The Chicago Fine Chocolate Show is resplendent with exceptional chocolate creations from around the world. This show also offers chocolate seminars, live demonstration from French Pastry School and varied sampling sessions demonstrating the finest chocolates.

When: November16-18
Where: Chicago, US

  • Choco-Late Festival: Brugge

The word chocolate is inseparable from Belgium. It is a must-see country for chocolate enthusiasts with more than 172,000 tons of chocolate produced each year. Visitors can experience many mouth-watering activities and adorable attractions while paying a visit to chocolate museums and experiencing more than 2,000 chocolate shops on the go.




The Sweeter Truth Revealed: Chocolate is good for you!

Whenever we reminisce the sweet moments of childhood, the one thing that helps us relive our cherished moments is chocolates. Chocolates in one way or another are always a part of our upbringing. Perhaps, some ambitious and fortunate kids might have even seen a chocolate dreamland. But when faced with reality, we recall how our parents used to deter us from eating chocolates every now and then. And their reason would be to avoid any sort of tooth decay risks. Yes! Quite possible it was. But that was then.

Now we’re full-grown adults and we can always maintain our dental hygiene. Tooth decaying factors can no more prevent us from eating as many chocolates as we want to, as long as we‘re conscious enough about our oral hygiene and controlled portioning of chocolate.

Gone are the days when chocolate was considered as a mere confectionery item. Because research and various studies confirm the goodness of chocolates. Yes! Chocolate is really good for you in interesting ways beyond your imagination. We now know that chocolate consumption through portion control is in fact good for our heart and good for our body.

Scientists have revealed that eating reasonable amount of chocolate is perfectly good as it makes us feel emotionally better and helps boost our body endorphins. Chocolates, especially Dark chocolates also protect us against heart diseases.

So, let’s check out why all of us should occasionally indulge ina sweet treat with no more of no-no to chocolates!

Chocolate can make you live longer– A research by the Harvard University claims that those who eat modest amount of chocolate- a couple of times in a month can live longer than those who  don’t eat any.

They found out that this can be due to the fact that cocoa contains antioxidants called “Polyphenols” that prevent the oxidation of unsafe cholesterol. The antioxidants are good to protect us against cancer.

Chocolate helps us feel better– There might me quite a lot of reasons behind this. The aroma of chocolate has been found to help slow down our brain waves, which ultimately calm us. Most of us also find eating chocolate more pleasurable because at that point of time, we release endorphins in the brain that gives is a sense of well-being.

Chocolate is a good stress-buster- Good quality chocolate contains valeric acid which is a good relaxant agent. Moreover, the amount of sugar in chocolate is also believed to have a calming effect on us.

Chocolate is good for appetite- Well, this can be due to cannabinoid-like substances which is contained in chocolates. This is known to affect the hypothalamus, the part of the brain which controls hunger. So, chocolate is surely a good solution to recover your appetite.

Chocolate is good for your skin and weight worries- Yes! And importantly it doesn’t give you acne. Scientists from Missouri University confirmed that chocolate is good for skin. Nutritionists also claim that chocolate doesn’t make you gain weight and keeps you healthy.

Chocolate is nourishing- A 50g of plain chocolate bar contains 45mg of magnesium and 1.2mg of calcium. And luxury milk chocolateis a good source of calcium. And so is pure dark chocolate which is known to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure as it is considered a powerful source of antioxidants.

Chocolate helps you to be more alert– Chocolate contains a stimulant known as theobromine, a caffeine-like substance which is believed to make one more alert. But, it has no side-effects of giving us heebie-jeebies, like caffeine, and fortunately chocolate contains only minute quantity of caffeine, barely 1mg in three squares of chocolate.