An Unfinished Love Affair Between Woman and Chocolate!

Only a woman can tell you how indulging in chocolate makes a difference! How mere chocolate can keep them in a good mood and how it can make them contented. There is no dearth in saying that chocolates are one of the finest possessions women tend to have. When alone, they gobble up chocolates, when distressed, they polish off entire bar, when having a ball, they just can’t do without chocolates and of course, when nothing comes fair in love and war, they have the one backup plan, perhaps the repeated one; which is to devour chocolates in any form and whoop it up to their salad days, over and again!

But why chocolates and women? Well, according to Anthony Auger, a professor of psychology at UW-Madison, chocolate affects women differently than men and the former have a stronger craving for this food of God. The brain of women and men were scanned using MRI wherein it was found that chocolate influenced the activity of the amygdala, a part of the brain which is responsible for affecting emotions and sexual desire was seen more in women than men. Moreover, tucking into chocolate helps the body generate serotonin- a happiness hormone that regulates the mood whilst warding off depression. Alongside this, chocolate also boosts the body to generate a hormone called dopamine that helps people feel mentally alert and lack of it might cause bad moods.

Now there is a mood thing, which plays a crucial role in any woman’s life. So who is the bigger arch-enemy of their mood than menstrual cycle? Their hormonal level keeps on changing every so often during periods and as a result of that, mood changes occur. Now, the more the mood changes, the more she yearns something to regulate her mood and there comes chocolate into play. And simply, having one soothes their state of uneasiness.

No doubt, chocolate has to do with the feelings of wellbeing. It tastes so rich that it could be, sometimes more pleasurable than watching a favourite movie, listening to a cherished song or falling in love. It’s delectably hormone-friendly and comfort food with good sources of antioxidants and quite a many health benefits for heart, skin and brain functions.

However, chocolate knows no gender, but predominantly women have that special affinity with it. The way they eat it, the way they adore it and the way they have uplifted the existence of chocolates across the globe is impeccably incredible in a class of its own. Because an image of chocolate without a woman in it obviously looks saccharine but not sensible!

There is, therefore, Schmitten Luxury Chocolates! Crafted with immense care and love, Schmitten chocolates are just the right choice for celebrating Women’s Day. When a man gives Schmitten to his beloved, he just doesn’t give a piece of chocolate as it rightly makes her happy, it boosts her mood and makes her believe how special she is! Because, celebrating such a special day needs special treat.

On this Women’s Day, just say nothing and let Schmitten do it all for you, all for her! Surrender your love with Schmitten.

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