Chocolate & Valentine’s Day Have Mated For Life. That’s True!

Come Valentine’s Day, and there you see love in the air. The heart-shaped red balloons, a typical symbol of an imminent day of love rules the roost. There seems the red in the air, all around; be in the form of attires or accessories. Such a sky-rocketing excitement for this day has well been observed in the recent past than before.

Thanks to the Fifty Shades of Grey flicks that have rightly carved out a niche for itself in being the romantic love saga for the lovebirds. They did a lot of love things. And it was such a good relief from the all-time hit but hammering love-story of Jack and Rose. But of course, no one can beat when Jack kisses Rose on the prow of the ship under the full moon.

Wait a second, from Romeo and Juliet to these above-mentioned romantic movies, have we ever witnessed any chocolate indulgences? Well, the answer is either big no or maybe a little bit of it! They show only wine, and wine and champagne! Shouldn’t have Shakespeare used his love verses for the glory of chocolates?

During Valentine’s Day, chocolates have become a standard Valentine’s Day gift, right up there with balloons, jewelry and flowers, but this exotic treat didn’t just conceive its romantic reputation overnight. It did take centuries of traditions and myths to associate chocolate with love and Valentine’s Day.

The very first people to connect chocolate and love were the Mayans. They began brewing drinks made from cocoa beans around 500 BCE- before the maiden feat of St. Valentine. In Mayan nuptial rituals, hot chocolate was an important part. The then groom and bride would exchange swig of hot chocolate during the ceremony. Another recorded historical event, according to the New York Times is that the infamous ruler of Montezuma was rumored to have binged on so-called-chocolates made from cocoa beans in order to fuel his romantic rendezvous. All such events gradually augured the status of chocolate as a universal symbol of love.

This food of God has something very special that it’s always been so special! There is an impeccable magnetism to chocolate that is in essence naturally romantic. Such a scrumptious substance melts in mouth whilst bursting flavours thereby giving heavenly experience. This is probably the finest reason to indulge in chocolates and in a matter of love, it readily takes the second spot, just after red roses.

Apart from emotional connection, chocolates are too good for the body as well. According to Forbes, chocolate has been proven to be nutrient-rich, it is good for the heart and improves cognitive functions while relieving stress.

There is no dearth in saying that it is simply an edible declaration of love that makes the recipients of chocolate feel happily gratifying and not to mention, so special. As you know the few things go perfectly well together, and chocolate and Valentine’s Day, are among them! Beyond a shadow of a doubt, sharing chocolate has become a bandwagon to commemorate the day of love.

This Valentine’s Day, forget not to vamp up your love spirits. Forget gold or diamond, just a couple of heart-shaped balloons and a box full of Schmitten!

Because when she nibbles her way through a delicious box of Schmitten chocolates, the rest is assured! Let love bloom with sweetness in every corner because 14th Feb. is not just an ordinary day, isn’t it?

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