Tuck into Dark Chocolate For More Than Just Taste

If I had genie; I’d not ask for gold. Neither will I seek castle.

One eternal wish will only suffice.

Only chocolates, chocolates, everywhere!

Yet! We were always told not to scoff down more sweets, including chocolate. Thanks to dark chocolate, which comes loaded with health-friendly properties, now be assured of eating dark chocolate without any intervention. Yes! There is a clear link between dark chocolate and health. A number of studies on how dark chocolates add up to good health have truly delighted chocolate lovers.

Eating dark chocolates regularly can make your heart healthy. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which are generally plant chemicals that work as antioxidants and trigger good heart health and weight loss. Dark chocolate is good for maintaining blood pressure levels. It also works best to reduce dark spots on the skin by improving collagen content while restoring skin moisture. What’s more, dark chocolate is stress-busting as it works as a mood-enhancer due to the bromine compound found in it. It is no doubt, a delightfully more satisfying food than others. Some studies also suggest that dark chocolates are good for insulin resistance and may boost brain functions.

In a research conducted at San Diego State University, 31 respondents were asked to opt for a 50g bar of white chocolate or regular dark chocolate. They were asked to eat their chosen chocolate for 15 days. The research study showed that those who ate dark chocolates had lower blood glucose than those who had white chocolates.

Another study published in The Guardian by Nature Neuroscience analyzed the effects of low-cocoa vs high-cocoa in drinks of 37 respondents. The results showed that those who had high cocoa content scored far better in cognitive test and showed more activity in their brain area as revealed by brain MRI. Thus, more percentage of cocoa is always better.

So, it is always favourable to have as little as a square of dark chocolate for good health.

While there are several dark chocolates available in the market, Schmitten has an exclusive trove of dark chocolates which is a must-have for chocoholics.

Schmitten Luxury Chocolates

Intense Dark Chocolate

With 44% premium cocoa from Ghana, this Intense Dark Chocolate is one of the most loved dark variants of Schmitten. A delectable sensorial experience in every bite is intensely felt. There is no dearth adding that this one is such a dark delight that will draw you back for more to relish. When dark chocolate is good for the heart, this intensely dark chocolate should be a delectable way of a happy heart.

Dark Chocolate Sprinkled with Raisins

A perfect touch of luscious raisins drenched in dark chocolate is a new treat both for the taste and good health. Surprisingly, it is a bittersweet wonder of its own kind! An excellent source of fibre; raisins are cholesterol-free and helps reduce the risk of gout and arthritis. Just have a mouthful of raisins blended with our dark chocolate and oh! What a wonderful treat!

Dark Chocolate with Almonds and a Twist of Orange

Call it the most unique flavour in the category of dark chocolate or simply an irresistible indulgence from Schmitten! The zest of orange, its tang and the wholesomeness of rich almonds, when tuned into dark chocolate, oozes extremely unique delight. Apart from its gorgeous taste, orange and almonds combine nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, zinc and Vitamin K. So, this variant is uniquely rich to try for!

Dark Chocolate with Rich Roasted Almonds

Exclusively for almond aficionados and health-conscious peeps, this very variant of dark chocolate with specially-select almonds, will make anyone fall for it in every bite. Crafted into a wonderful amalgamation, this chocolate exudes a warm aroma with richness. So, all the health benefits of almonds and dark chocolate come in handy in this pack.

Hoppits Chocolate Bars

Hoppits bars are synonymous with a taste of undiscovered delight. To make sure our Hoppits collection offers a real treat, each bar is made using natural ingredients with secret craftsmanship of European standard and of course, incredible passion from start to finish. Keeping in mind the unprecedented benefits of dark chocolate, Hoppits is the only brand in the country which has a unique blend of dark chocolate and granola.

Dark Chocolate with Granola and Nuts

Granola delivers great snacking delight plus much-needed nutrients. From rice crispies to oat flakes, granola is good to fill healthy elements in the body. And richly roasted almonds add another goodie surprise. All hail to pure dark chocolate with these ingredients and it becomes Hoppits. Rather a healthy Hoppits.

Dark Chocolate with Granola and Fruits

An exotic blend of granola, cranberries, raisins, and pure dark chocolate! What else would one want? Fully loaded with vitamins and minerals, this very Hoppits is not only for chocolate-lover but also for health-conscious people to tuck into something extraordinary!

When there is dark chocolate, just think no more and revel in its purest aroma. It is not only about pleasure but also for good health as it is linked with some aphrodisiac elements. Dark chocolate, hence offers excellent health benefits, in more than many ways.

Relax and relish dark chocolate because it is bliss.

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