A Friend in Need is Chocolate Indeed!

Friendship deserves to be celebrated in every phase of life. It doesn’t need spotlights or towers of gold or diamonds. It can be just enough with a bite of chocolate or a get-together. It requires nothing but love, compassion and understanding thereby making our lives interestingly cheerful. Friends are the biggest supporters and the world’s best comforters. They’re the ones who scarcely judge a thing about us. Celebrating the invaluable bond of friendship through the years, this Friendship Day allows us to express the unsaid words. And for a day as special as friends, there must be a special treat for them!

But what about this Friendship Day? Of course, no one dares to compromise this very day of friends! If you’re wracking your brain to opt for a perfect gift for your dear friends, then choose no other than Schmitten Luxury Chocolates. As it is said by a celebrated author named Linda Grayson “There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend with chocolate.” The unmatched Schmitten chocolates come in a variety of flavours and different hampers. You can never go wrong with the trove of Schmitten chocolate. So, send Schmitten to your buddies to express your heartfelt love for them. It’s easy to order them on relations@schmitten.co

When friendship gives a sense of love and warmth, chocolates restore care and affection. The same way Schmitten Luxury Chocolates and Hoppits Bar Chocolates promise sensorial delight and goodness. Due to pandemic, when we haven’t been able to meet every friend, sending them a token of love with Schmitten chocolates is a great idea. And not just to the buddies but also to the new friends who helped us pass the hard days of the pandemic.

A friendship that goes in leaps and bounds with the undying essence of love can truly represent Schmitten chocolates’ unequalled flavours. Both Schmitten and Hoppits chocolates are made using pure, real ingredients such as Ghanaian cocoa, Californian almonds, raisins, nuts, orange peels, fruits, nougat and granola to name a few. They not only offer unequalled taste but also wholesomeness in each bite. For those friends who’re real, who’re health-conscious, gifting them with Schmitten’s range of chocolates is the best idea. Instead of being with millions of fake friends, it’s better to be one with the real ones! Likewise, real chocolate is a way better option.

For such a sweet occasion of Friendship Day, giving a delicious gift is undoubtedly the best thing. When nobody knows your friends better than yourself, it’s time to make them feel loved with various flavours of Schmitten chocolates. With a variety of flavours to choose from, you can opt for the one which goes with your friends. From the colours they love to the ingredients they drool over on, choose Schmitten chocolates to make their day, memorably delightful.

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“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” — Carl W. Buechner

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