Wrap yourself in warmth of Schmitten, this winter.

Admit it! We all love a good square of chocolate. Be it for the good taste or just to enliven mood or its health-giving property, chocolate adds joy in life. As this chilly winter drags on, munching down your favourite chocolate is the way to cuddle some delightful wintry charm.

When winter enhances hunger and simultaneously strikes one’s mood to munch something fulfilling, chocolate comes to mind straight away. After all, eating anything that satiates hunger as well as gives a feeling of sensorial satisfaction is no less than bliss. And Schmitten Luxury Chocolate is one such fulfilling delight that works both on your hunger as well as senses. From creamy milk chocolate to raisins, nuts, & dark chocolate ecstasy, Schmitten offers an unequalled chocolate experience beyond words.

As you may know during colder seasons the feeling of tiredness looms over, and chocolate is the most amiable food to add up to your energy level. That’s why during cold seasons, adding some chocolate to your diet is not only wise but also a delicious decision. Hoppits, the bar chocolate range of Schmitten is just the right thing to wolf down on! Yes! Its nutty, fruity, dark, citrusy and wholesome granola variants with a dash of nougat release goodness in every bite whilst boosting energy levels at their best.

Apart from the energy that one needs in wintry gloominess, chocolate is also a boon to avoid the most frequent and common visitor- the cold! Scientists have discovered that a chemical called theobromine found in cocoa reduces the length and intensity of coughs by blocking the cough reflex that people experience during colds. The research also showed that theobromine content is proven to be more useful than codeine.

Schmitten believes in quality, unique taste and uncompromised safety standards. When the whole world is grappling with prevailing pandemic, the safety and hygienic standards of any food are of utmost importance. And at Schmitten, we have always cared for safety at its best from raw materials to final packaging. With hairnets, coveralls to regularly sanitized facilities, every employee at Schmitten factory follows strict hygiene protocols.

So, rejoice in this winter with a whole lot of wholesomeness with a range of Schmitten Luxury Chocolates and let your senses surrender to the good taste, like no other. A trove of luxury in its purest form, inundate yourself in a sensorial wonder of Schmitten in the winter.

Feeling cold, or just don’t know what to do? There you go with Schmitten. Go grab a bite and wow your taste buds this wintry season.

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