The Chocolate Prodigy

Call it the most delightful wonder food on Earth;

Or mere a dark wedge of eternal bliss.

Had it been consumed by Adam and Eve!

A grey life cycle would’ve been poised to leave.

But worry no more as the wonder food still grow!

With a sensorial charm to let us loose into its trove.


We pray to Ixcacao: Goddess of Chocolate,

To forever douse cocoa trees with ample of rain,

And rough palms of workers shall be stripped of pain!

For all the continent of Africa that nurture the magical wood,

May we beseech the Almighty to protect them with all the good!


From toddlers to octogenarians and yonder all the seas,

Every one does love chocolate beyond a shadow of doubt.

It has the power to bring smile on the face which is down.

Its mere bite can delight a dejected damsel filled with frown.

One fine thing of chocolate is the universal taste,

Such an ecstasy in itself everyone dares not to waste.


As a chocolate devotee, we craft each piece with precision.

Filled with love, pride, purity and perfection.

Schmitten’ is the name of our chocolate par excellence,

Which surprises with the taste which bears no equivalence.

Our rich ingredients, natural flavours and European technology;

Creates masterpieces of chocolates that are beyond analogy!


For a sensuous voyage take some Schmitten bites.

And for a goodness-filled glee go with Hoppits delights!

Indeed, experience chocolate prodigies so very rare,

That you be wholly left in the ultimate dilemma to share!

If at all words suffice to define ‘Luxury’ in truest tale,

Nothing more than ‘Schmitten’ does ring the bell!

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